Capturing Childhood Wonder: A Journey Through My Unique Photography Style

Hey there! Let's talk about something magical – capturing the wonder of childhood through photography. As a mom and a photographer with 27 years of experience, I've learned a thing or two about freezing those precious moments before they slip away.

Kids grow up way too fast, don't they? That's why I'm on a mission to capture those fleeting moments and turn them into something truly special. I call them Storybook Images because they're like little treasures that capture the essence of childhood – the confidence, the belonging, the sheer joy of being a kid.

Children are these incredible little beings full of curiosity and imagination. But they can also be a bit fragile, right? That's where my photography comes in. I want every child to see themselves through a lens of wonder and imagination, to feel like they're the star of their own fairytale.

One of my favorite things to do is create these enchanting scenes where kids can let their imaginations run wild. I've got this whole collection of gorgeous dresses and gowns that they can twirl and dance in, feeling like royalty in front of my camera.

But here's the best part – I don't just stop at taking a photo. Oh no, that's just the beginning of the magic! I take those portraits and blend them with other elements, using digital painting to create scenes straight out of a storybook. The result? Images that capture the innocence and joy of childhood in the most magical way possible.

I want my clients to feel valued and cared for every step of the way. I believe in going above and beyond to ensure that they receive nothing but the highest quality and service. Whether it's assisting with wall art placement or providing gorgeously printed photos, I am dedicated to exceeding their expectations and creating an experience they will always treasure.

But above all, my photography is driven by a deep sense of purpose and passion. I want every child to know that they are loved, cherished, and valued, that they are God's masterpieces, each unique and special in their own way. I want them to see themselves in a beautiful light, to wake up to portraits that evoke a sense of feeling confidence in who they are.

Through my gift of photography, I aim to enrich the lives of others, to capture moments of joy and innocence that will be treasured for generations to come. Because in the end, it's not just about taking pictures; it's about capturing the essence of who they are as a child and preserving it as a gift for generations to come.

Childhood joy of flying a kite - kid's portraits - artistry by Storybook Images
Little girl reading to her baby elephant friend - imaginative photography in Colorado springs. Child portrait photograph
Enchanted fairy in forest - family and child photography in Colorado springs, CO - Storybook Images