Who's the best portrait photographer in Colorado Springs?

There’s no shortage of fabulously gifted photographers in Colorado Springs. No two photographers see things the same way! So when choosing a photographer, it’s important to look at their work, understand their style and see what resonates with you. Some people value photography that is raw, unposed, grainy like film. For some, average photos that are properly exposed is good enough. Others value photography that is more polished and artistic. There's not one right or wrong, they are just different preferences. There probably is no “best” photographer, it’s just finding the photographer that does exactly what you’re looking for. Personally, I love photography that has some artistic flare to it - something you can’t just get with your iPhone. I love the use of directional light. I love photographs that have impact and make people stop and linger and say “wow”. If all you need is someone to take a quick snapshot of your family standing by the fireplace as you say cheese, I’m guessing there’s 10 people in your neighborhood that could qualify to do that for you at a bargain price! If you’re wanting a more artistic piece that could be used as decor for your home as well as an heirloom memory that has value to you, that’s what I love to provide to my clients.