My Story - Restarting 22 years later!

Babies and Business

1997-1999 My two daughters were born. Wouldn’t you know, they were the cutest girls ever and I just had to learn how to take pictures of them. I already owned a business that took photos of Law School students in Denver and made their yearly composite boards so I was connected to a professional photo lab.

Beginning photography
Law School Composite Board

One year the lab hosted a convention and I decided to go learn more of the craft. I was in AWE at the gorgeous work that other photographers were doing! I never saw life that beautifully before! 

No two people see things the same way

It’s been said that no two people see something the exact same way. But I wanted to train my eyes to see light and beauty like these other photographers! I worked at it and practiced on all the friends and family that surrounded me. (Sorry for those painfully bad photos at the beginning!) Eventually, I learned how to “see” light, appreciate the beauty in each person, appreciate the beauty of nature and combine them together in a portrait. 

I went from this painfully bad lighting....

To this more creative, soft, beautiful lighting

Grand Prize??

One day in 2003 my photo lab called me and informed me that one of my photo submissions was voted #1 in the contest and I won the grand prize! They gave me a professional camera and I was featured in their magazine and mentioned in the Professional Photographer’s Magazine. Life was pretty fun at that moment! 

Grand Prize Winning Images


All that came to a screeching halt in 2006 when an opportunity arose for us to move overseas to help people. If any of you know me, you know my passion for God is the highest passion in my life and if He calls me to drop everything and go, that’s the best thing to do! We sold everything and I said goodbye to my portrait photography business for the next 16 years. 

We’re baaaack! 

Life overseas was meaningful, amazing, eye-opening and hard! It's 2022 and we are back in the U.S. now and I realized that one of my gateways of bringing light and joy into other people’s lives includes producing beautiful heirloom artwork for them. I enjoy the process of turning every day people and places into works of fine art. I want people to see themselves in a different light and be awakened to their great value and uniqueness. 

My style

I think my style is ever-evolving. Right now I love mixing the landscape with portraits. I also love painterly portraits that resemble a painting. I just love having a final piece that evokes the word “Wow!”

If you ever wanted to feel what it’s like to have a WOW portrait that YOU are in, give me a call or send me an email and let’s talk about the possibilities! 719-822-7523 info@storybookimages.ART

Gorgeous portrait photography Colorado Springs

Landscape plus portrait mixture = WOW