School Pictures Just Don't Thrill Anyone

Isn't there a stark difference between the left school photo and the right "Storybook Image" that has been well thought-out? My mom still has headshot photos of the 6 of us kids on her wall when we were at awkward young ages. I suppose there’s a place for those school pictures to document what you looked like with a new perm, braces, crooked bangs, etc. but because they are not thought-out and artistically crafted, they don’t particularly boost a child’s confidence as they grow older. I went to school that day in what I thought was cute and colorful, stripes of all colors! I had no clue that a background of trees would completely clash with my incredible outfit. So I did a portrait of my niece and thought about clothing, lighting, color and the painterly "feel" I wanted. A totally different result!

Have you ever thought of getting an amazing, artful image of your child, something totally different than the norm, something that even they were proud to see hung on the family walls? There’s something about a stunning image that conveys a person’s value to them in a way that the average photo just doesn’t convey. An image that is impactful and elicits a “Wow, that’s beautiful!” response from guests is so fulfilling for both child and parent. 

One regret parents often have is not getting these gorgeous images while they can. Time flies and we can never go back to the past to get those. You won’t regret having taken the time and investment to get a Storybook Image. Don’t put it off. Schedule a free 15 minute discovery call to see what we can together create customized for you and the walls of your home.