Creating a slideshow for my daughter's wedding


My daughter recently got married and the wedding celebration was so joyful! During the reception we played a slideshow of the bride and groom growing up as kids and then meeting. Seeing photographs of the past brought us back in time and made an impact on all of us watching. I was so glad both sides of family took the time to take the photos, preserve them, and dig them back up so we could put this gift together for the bride and groom. It made me realize how precious and important photographs are. Time is fleeting and we can never get it back. With today’s phones having cameras, I’m afraid kids may end up with a million photos on hard drives that they don’t want to sift through. As a professional photographer, my goal is to take impactful, unique, painterly photos that evoke emotion of some kind - hopefully a “wow!” 

Quality doesn’t usually come cheap. Incredible photos take some planning and investment, but the outcomes are so worth it! You end up with amazing images of your child that are worth far more than the money you spent to create them. Part of my job is to provide my clients with something tangible, visible, and meaningful - not just more digital files to get lost in the sea of thousands of other files on hard drives. Your kids don’t want to inherit hard drives. However, a book of gorgeous images, a wall portrait that resembles a painting, or a Storybook box of matted prints to display … these are substantial and interesting and valuable. If you are interested in getting some impactful images of your child, please fill out my contact page or call me for a free phone consult and we can talk about the possibilities! Some day you might put it into a slideshow at their wedding and you'll be so glad you had it!

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