How to Dress for Headshots

  • Consider bringing multiple outfits. Sometimes, the thing you thought you loved the most doesn’t photograph as well as you thought. It’s a good idea to have a backup option. Colors, neutrals, classy, and bold are all great options.

  • Opt for suit-inspired silhouettes. More closely-fitted clothing tends to look cleaner and less distracting than loose or baggy clothing, especially for formal or business-casual photos. Wearing long sleeves will keep the attention to the face.

  • Avoid older, worn-out clothing.  It may look good for a daily outfit but not necessarily in front of the camera. Think about your headshot as what you’d look like on your best day.

  • Think about the neckline. Keep in mind that headshots are typically cropped closely around your head and face. Even work-appropriate tops with lower necklines could end up looking more provocative than intended in professional headshots that are cropped closely. For men who plan to wear a button-up shirt, avoid a “floppy collar”.

  • Wear colors and clothes you feel good in. Consider bold colors if you’re looking for grabbing attention, and stick with neutrals and calmer tones if you want people to connect with you and your personality. If there’s a color that brings out your eyes, it’s a win win because people will be even more drawn to your expression.